1095-C Information Page

Form 1095-C
Employer-Provided Health Insurance Offer and Coverage

As required by the Affordable Care Act, the State of New Mexico (SoNM) produces a 1095-C form for full-time, benefits-eligible employees receiving health insurance benefits through the SoNM. The form is a detailed report regarding the employee’s enrollment in medical coverage during the previous year.

The SoNM is to provide employees with this form by March 4, 2019.

Please note:
Enrollment information reported on the 1095-C relates only to medical coverage. Enrollment in dental or vision programs is excluded and not required.
It is NOT NECESSARY for employee to wait for the 1095-C in order to file income taxes.
If the form is not received by March 4th, or if the information is incorrect, please call the 1095-C Help Line at 505.827.0109, and leave the following information:
Full Name
Employee ID#
Contact Phone Number

Method of Delivery:
Agencies consolidated under SPO – employees will receive their 1095-C form by mail,
Non-consolidated agencies – employees will receive their form from their HR Representative,
Local Public Body – employees will receive their form from their HR Representative.

For more information regarding Form 1095-C, please visit the following websites:
Internal Revenue Service’s Q&A’s regarding the 1095-C (click here)
Link to IRS Extension Notice/Guidance (click here)

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