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The State’s General Services Department Risk Management Division, Employee Benefits Bureau (EBB), is responsible for the procurement and oversight of employee benefits - including Medical, Pharmacy, Dental, Vision, Short & Long Term Disability, and Life Insurance. EBB insures approximately 78,000 State of New Mexico and Local Public Body employees and family members. The State’s Group Benefits Plan also offers COBRA, Flexible Spending Account Programs, and an Employee Assistance Program (EAP).

Erisa Administrative Services, Inc. (Erisa) is the State’s Third Party Administrator. They provide benefits administration to all plan participants, and offer knowledgeable staff to answer your questions.

  Erisa Administrative Services, Inc.  
  1200 San Pedro NE  
  Albuquerque, NM 87110-6726  
Albuquerque: (505) 244-6000        Toll free: (855) 618-1800        E-mail:
  Fax: (505) 244-6009  
  Monday-Friday 8:00 AM – 5:00PM  

JULY 1, 2014
Just a reminder that medical premium rates will increase 10% on July 1, 2014. For State employees, this increase is shared between the State and employees (LPB employees: please check with your HR Representatives). This increase is on medical only ….dental and vision premiums remain the same.
JANUARY 1, 2014
The new benefits plan year begins January 1st. Please be sure to look carefully at your pay advice in mid-January, and then on a regular basis, to confirm that you have all the correct benefit coverages in which you’re enrolled (including correct premiums for spouse/domestic partner/children, if applicable). If your deduction does not look correct, please contact Erisa at (505) 244-6000 or 1-(855) 618-1800.
BCBS will be acquiring Lovelace around the end of March/beginning of April. There will be NO change to the Lovelace HMO medical plan design through December 31, 2014. There is also no change to the Lovelace premium; however, all medical premiums will increase 10% on July 1, 2014 (dental and vision premiums stay the same). This medical premium increase will be shared by the employer & employee.
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